Deluxe Payce Smarter Scheduling Improves Employee Productivity

The Scheduling-Productivity Connection

Business owners and managers can dramatically increase productivity through smarter scheduling with TimeSimplicity from Deluxe Payce.

A Benefit For Your Employees (That Doesn’t Cost You Any More)

When employers respect their employees’ life outside of work by delivering flexible scheduling, team members are happier and more focused on their jobs.

Flexible scheduling improves the bottom line in two ways:

1) Engaged associates are more productive, and
2) Flexible scheduling reduces turnover which may be more expensive than you realize.

“Scheduling … is having a huge effect on the bottom line. Increasing scheduling effectiveness offers a competitive edge that can make HR a budget hero.” Workforce management consultant Lisa Disselkamp

Scheduling Self-Service Provides Benefits for Management and Employees

TimeSimplicity has a virtual trade board which permits staff members to request a schedule change and pick up shifts without having to contact a manager.

With the Virtual Trade Board, managers can view and approve shift changes without having to contact team members. When a manager approves a shift change, TimeSimplicity automatically sends a notification to each affected associate.

When associates are trusted to handle their own schedule changes, they have increased job satisfaction and feel a greater ownership in the organization which supports profitability in the ways mentioned previously and also cuts down on the number of short-handed shifts. Moreover, when supervisors don’t have to call and text employees to cover shifts they can be far more productive in their positions.

Improve Scheduling to Boost Profitability

TimeSimplicity is the cloud-based scheduling solution that integrates with TimeWorksPlus in Workforce Management Suite. Call 866-469-6103 today for a demo.

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