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Today’s case study highlights how the owner of a small hotel won a competitive edge by implementing Workforce Management Suite.

Our example organization is a 45-room hotel located on the slopes of a small ski resort. For forty years, this facility and two similar-sized lodges had furnished the only accommodations at the small resort. There was enough business for all three (even with very little advertising) until a nationwide budget chain opened a 150-room facility five years ago. The three original hotels saw business dwindle and the other two eventually went out of business.

A Radical Change to Stay Competitive

The owner knew she had to change her strategy to stay in business. In an attempt to appeal to a higher-paying clientele, she took out a large loan and invested in a total remodel, plush amenities, and a pricey advertising campaign tailored to out-of-state guests. Along with the makeover and major pivot, the owner knew she had to get serious about tracking and controlling expenses. The old-school WFM processes had to go.

Her goal was to limit the cost of labor, decrease admin time, reduce scheduling confusion, and track vital data so she could create strategies to maximize human capitol ROI. She also wanted to create an efficient, flexible, tech-savvy atmosphere to attract the best staff from the limited labor pool in the rural location.

Solution – Workforce Management Suite

The scheduling tool, TimeSimplicity was up and running on day one of the implementation. When the owner learned how simple it was to quickly develop custom schedules for hotel staffing, she realized that she wouldn’t have to hire another manager if business increased. She also saw how her managers could better accommodate the associates’ shift preferences—which is key to keeping hard core “ski bums” loyal and happy.

Every Minute Counts

TimeWorksPlus, the time and attendance tool, tracks employee time to the minute. It only took two pay cycles for the owner to learn how much she had been overpaying unnecessarily due to innacurate time cards. Though most of the mistakes had been inadvertent, she discovered that there had been some intentional buddy-punching going on. She decided to pick up a compatible biometric time clock and it’s proved its value every pay period.

No More Unauthorized Overtime

Overtime is easily managed with customizable system warnings and there are nine pay-rate fields and employee groups/sorting/filtering for easy organization and updating. This makes it easy to schedule workers who have narrow skill sets as well as the cross-trained employees who can work in any department.

Empowered Employees

Employee Self Service allows employees to clock in, view their schedule, submit shift change requests, fill out timesheets, and monitor accruals online. The convenience and autonomy has boosted morale, improved communication, and increased efficiency. Her dedicated staff appreciates the new 21st century workplace tools and she is now known as the best employer on the mountain.

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