Today’s post is for business owners who have recently opted to upgrade to a Workforce Management system but have not yet implemented it. By following a few guidelines, you can have a smooth transition and begin to enjoy the benefits right away.

Here is the Deluxe Payce guide to Workforce Management implementation.

Make a Plan

We can help you develop a practical timetable for the transition and decide which processes to transition first. Take advantage of our experience in helping organizations like yours transition quickly and efficiently.

Transition in Stages

If your organization has multiple departments, you may want to tackle it in stages. Once one department has successfully transitioned to all the new automations, you will have solved a few unexpected snags. You can use the knowledge gained to prevent the same dilemmas when the next department transitions.

Communicate the Benefits

It’s natural for employees to worry that a new system could impact their pay or add a layer of complication to their busy day. If managers can prepare team members so they know how the new processes will benefit them, they will be more likely to comply willingly. Emphasize the transparency and convenience of self-service time cards and having 24/7 access to accrual information. Demonstrate how the virtual trade board can make it easy to pick up extra shifts or swap shifts when needed.

Train Employees Thoroughly

Workforce Management Suite is so effortless to use, we have never had a client whose employees couldn’t catch on quickly. Even if your staff is tech-savvy, however, make sure you train thoroughly, measure the effectiveness, and then remind them to use the system continually until everyone is on board. You can’t take advantage of the many features of Workforce Management Suite unless they are being used consistently and correctly.

Be Prepared for Possible Resistance

If you have offsite staff members who will be GPS tracked for the first time, be prepared for some blowback. Employees who are used to plenty of autonomy may resist the increased surveillance. Remember, as their employer you have every right to verify that your employees are working where they are supposed to be working. Explain that accountability is a two-way street; though they might feel micro-managed, tracking time to the minute benefits them when they work fifteen minutes past their usually shift end time or clock in a few minutes early. (If that is not allowed at your company, make sure you use the easy schedule enforcement function in Workforce Management Suite.)

If you are adopting a biometric time clock and an employee is especially resistant, be aware that this might be a sign that he or she is guilty of time theft. Compare the hours worked before and after using the new clock for insight. If you discover a dramatic drop in hours—congratulations—you have finally stopped paying for time not actually worked!

Answer Questions

Make sure you are available to answer questions about the new system. If your staff members see that you are dedicated to resolving fears, they will be more likely to support you. However, don’t go so far as to make the new methods optional. Some organizations have failed to adopt a new system because they got so much resistance from their employees they eventually gave up. Lowering labor costs, reducing admin hassles, and improving productivity will benefit everyone in your organization. Don’t let worker resistance deter you.

Designate an Implementation Manager

Ideally, all of your staff managers will soon be committed to the new system and become fully fluent in all of the features. However, by assigning a capable and dedicated person to own the project company-wide, you can centralize the implementation-specific communication and training and trust in your point person to make sure each department sticks with it until all teams and systems are transitioned.

We are dedicated to your success. Let the Workforce Management experts at Deluxe Payce help you start enjoying the myriad benefits Workforce Management Suite provides.

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